Stories must be original, and feature original characters.  NO FAN-FICTION!  Characters based on or using mythological or fairy-tale characters may be acceptable.  References to heaven, hell, angels, and demons are okay, as these do not directly pertain to any one religious faith.  Subjects such as King Arthur’s quest for the holy grail, where religious motive is part of a story’s background but NOT the story itself, are acceptable.

True story essays should be submitted here the same as short fiction.  The Poet’s Haven is not seeking other types of non-fiction essays, reports, or articles at this time.

As this call is for stories to be published on the website, which is in a blog format, please limit submissions to stories no longer than 8 pages.  Stories between 32 and 72 pages may be considered for publication as novellas in The Poet's Haven Author Series and can be submitted to that call when it is open.