Ends on June 30, 2019

Chapbook Submissions:

The Poet's Haven will be open to unsolicited chapbook manuscripts during the months of May and June, to be considered for publication in The Poet's Haven Author Series.

Manuscripts should be between 28 and 40 pages in length NOT COUNTING title, copyright, dedication, or table of contents pages. Manuscripts containing full-color artwork may be shorter, 20 to 24 pages. One page can fit approximately 30 lines of poetry or 325 words of prose.  If you have original artwork to be used as the cover, please submit it as well.  Slightly longer manuscripts will be considered, however, any manuscript longer than 72 pages will be rejected automatically unless the publisher gives prior approval before submission.

BOOK FORMAT:  The Poet’s Haven Author Series chapbooks will be published in a “pocket size” as often as possible, measuring 4.25″ wide by 5.5″ tall. The books are saddle-stitched (aka stapled) and typically run 32, 36, 40, or 44 pages in length, including title and copyright pages. A full-color, cardstock cover will adorn the books. Changes to the dimensions and page count will be considered on a case-by-case basis when the material calls for it. The cover price will be $6, subject to change with any increase in production costs (paper prices, etc.) or when a particular title's design or page-count requires a different price point.

PRINT WINDOW:  The chapbooks will be kept in print for a period not less than 24  months. After 24 months, authors will be contacted before additional copies of the chapbook will be printed.

PAYMENT FOR PUBLICATION:  Authors will receive 25% of all printed copies. That breaks down like this: If the first print run is 80 copies, 20 of them go to the author.  If the first print run sells out and a second print run of 40 copies is produced, the author will receive 10 of them. If the author wants/needs to acquire additional copies, they can do so at a 50% discount.

WHAT IS THE POET’S HAVEN LOOKING FOR?:   A collection of your poems centered on a theme, a collection of work from a certain era of your life, a series of poems that tell a narrative story... These are just a few general ideas. Also, the Author Series is not limited to poetry chapbooks. We are interested in publishing short story collections, novellas, books of art, and more. If you can create it, we will consider it. Contact the publisher if you wish to propose an Author Series publication that cannot be submitted as a Word DOC.

WHO IS THE POET’S HAVEN LOOKING FOR?:  The Poet’s Haven has always taken pride in being open to both newcomers and seasoned pros. That said, for legal reasons, chapbook authors must be at least 18 years of age or have a parent/guardian involved in the process from submission to publication.

A NOTE ABOUT PAGE COUNT:  Several authors have commented that other publishers consider a 40 page collection to be a full-length book, not a chapbook. At The Poet’s Haven, we consider a full-length collection to be no less than 96 pages.  That said, since many authors are used to submitting manuscripts of 20 pages or less to other publishers, we offer this idea: two 20-page collections from the same author together as a flip-book.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please log in to Submittable and withdraw your submission if your manuscript is accepted by another press.  Due to volume and real-world occurrences, it may take longer than 12 months for decisions to be reached regarding all submitted manuscripts.  (There is but one editor making all the final decisions here.)

PLEASE NOTE: This call will close on JUNE 30, 2019.  It will not be extended.