Ends on May 26, 2018

DEADLINE: MAY 26, 2018
The Poet's Haven is seeking poetry and short stories that begin with the cliche line, "It was a dark and stormy night."  Pieces can be dramatic or humorous: we are seeking a variety for this anthology.

We are repeating this here due to the number of people who have submitted pieces without understanding what is stated above: THE FIRST LINE OF ANY POEM OR STORY SUBMITTED TO THIS CALL MUST BE "IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT."  While we will allow for some variation (such as "A flash of lightning penetrates the darkness"), any piece that simply ignores this one requirement will be rejected without further consideration.

(Despite publisher Vertigo's well-known cat obsession, there is one canine he adores: Snoopy. V's been on a kick watching "Peanuts" cartoons, and he's been reading the collections of Schulz's original strips when he has the time, so when it was time to pick the next Digest theme, this is the one he selected out of the dozens of ideas post-it noted all over his walls.)

This call will close on May 26, 2018.  The anthology is targeted for printing in early or mid-summer.

As space in this anthology is limited, submitted works should be no longer than 10 pages.  (A size 10 font with single-spacing is fine for formatting.)

Publication in this series pays one copy per piece.  A maximum of two pieces will be selected from each contributor.  All contributors can purchase additional copies at a 50% discount.

Poet’s Haven Digest titles are published as 4.25″ wide by 5.5″ tall pocket-sized books.  We are not seeking cover art for this anthology.  (The publisher has already decided what he wants on the cover and will either draw it himself or commission someone to do it after he decides his artwork is horrible.)

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